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Destiny Midnight Launch!!!!! + A Brighter Dawn

Greetings, fellow guardian! Are you planning on playing Bungie’s new game, Destiny? What a silly question. OF COURSE YOU ARE. As you sit in front of your computer screen perhaps watching Twitch live streams all day eagerly anticipating the launch of the game in your country, in the meantime, I strongly encourage you to join my clan, A Brighter Dawn. As of right now we are at 127 members! That’s more than I could have ever hoped for and I imagine we will only grow from here. So join me because tonight, we will Become Legend… See You Starside!!!

A Brighter Dawn

Greetings, fellow guardians. As its founder, it is with great pride that I introduce to you, the Destiny clan, A Brighter Dawn. Join us and take back our solar system. Bring forth a new golden age of man. Destiny will take us to many amazing places as each and every one of us creates their own unique story. A Brighter Dawn is our chance to leave a footprint on this vast and expansive universe. Together, we can make an impact on this game and its future. Together, we will Become Legend. We are looking for active and dedicated guardians. I would be more than honored to have you all among our ranks, so please, consider joining us. See You Starside.

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